FREE Live Scoring for Fantasy Football??

By Dustin Sullivan

For several years, Yahoo© Sports has made free live scoring during the NFL season a part of its premier package that users would have to pay for to use for the entire season, but that is about to change. Yahoo just recently announced that their live scoring is going to be FREE to ALL fantasy football users in their free leagues and their premium leagues. What are some of the effects of having this live scoring capability? Well here are just a few of them!

1. You will now be able follow how your fantasy team is doing while all the Sunday action is going on. This will allow you to watch the games on your TV and follow how your fantasy team AT THE SAME TIME.

2. In head to head leagues, the scores for your matchups will update as the games go on. In years past, you would have to wait until Monday morning after a full Sunday of games to see the scores for your head to head matchup. With this FREE live scoring, you can see how your matchups are looking each week. This will give you an early feeling of how you need to set up your lineup for the next week because you will see how your players impact your team as the games go on, instead of having to wait.

Although you will be able to keep up with how your team is doing as the games are going on, you still are not able to change your lineup once games have started. With Yahoo Sports making live scoring free, the number of people watching football and their computers at the same time will increase. This improvement by Yahoo Sports is just one of the many aspects that make their fantasy leagues the most popular and user-friendly fantasy sports website around. So, go out there and enjoy the upcoming season because it’s going to be a very competitive one.