Flynn NBA Rookie of The Month

By Zack Cimini

No one yet knows what the Minnesota Timberwolves were thinking by drafting Rubio and Flynn back to back. It’s created a stir around the league and by NBA fans as one of the dumbest use of two high draft picks ever. Whatever the case may be, Jonny Flynn answered the questions perfectly and took his game as the leader of the Timberwolves summer league team. He averaged over 15 points and nearly 8 assists a game. His floor leadership was very impressive and the Timberwolves are assured of at least one solid point guard selection.

It’s looking as if Ricky Rubio will find a way to get to the league. He is intent on leaving his Spanish club regardless of a buyout. This mix in the backcourt of two young players is going to be something very different. Rumors are already swirling that Flynn may be traded when everything is finalized with Rubio.

One thing Flynn will have to work on that hurt him at times at Syracuse is his erratic fast pace style. In college you can get away with it but not in the NBA. He did have a high amount of turnovers in the summer league, but cut them down a bit after the first two summer league games.

Expect Flynn to be one of the top rookies this year, and to have fantasy value for assists and steals.