First Half Busts

By Steve Nitz

The other day, I went over some players who have been big surpises so far this season. Today I’m doing the opposite, giving you players who were drafted high, yet have been complete dissapointments. I don’t have the time to list every one, but here are ten of them.

Grady Sizemore-Sizemore was a top 10 pick in drafts, even a top five in a lot of them. But he’s had an injury-plagued season and is currently hitting .238. I expect him to bounce back in the second half though.

Garrett Atkins-Atkins has averaged 25 homers and over 100 RBIs the last three seasons. This season he’s hitting .229 with six homers and 28 RBIs.

Alfonso Soriano-Soriano has a .279 career average, yet he’s hitting .234 this year. His power is down too.

Jimmy Rollins-It’s hard to believe this guy won the NL MVP just two seasons ago. His numbers are a far cry from 2007.

Manny Ramirez-He’s been good when he’s in the lineup and should have a great second half, but his suspension hurt his owners the first half.

Josh Hamilton-He’s been on the DL and is only hitting .243 when he’s in the lineup. Will he bounce back in the second half or was last season a fluke?

Brandon Webb-Webb was one of the first pitchers taken on draft day, yet he’s only made one start all year due to a shoulder injury.

Cole Hamels-Unlike Webb, Hamels has been pitching, he just hasn’t been very good. Last year’s NLCS and World Series MVP only has five wins and a 4.87 ERA. It wouldn’t surpise me to see him bounce back in the second half though.

Russell Martin-It’s hard to believe this guy went from hitting .293 with 19 homers, 87 RBIs, and 21 stolen bases in 2007 to .258 with only two homers and 27 RBIs so far this year. He won’t be one of the first catchers taken next year, that’s for sure.

Chris Young (Arizona)-Young is just one dissapointment on a team full of them. All of his numbers are way down, and he’s below the mendoza line at .196.