Chiefs, Dolphins Fantasy Analysis

Series will be played now in preseason games by the first team. Miami and Kansas City unveiled and on Thursday night let their starters play a few series. For both teams it ended up being a nightmare ugly drawn out game. There were a few positives to take out of the game. One bold outlook is that both teams still have two preseason games left.

For Miami, Trent Green came out gunning and went 0 for 3. It looked like Miami may have been forcing the issue on the first series to get Green going. On the next drive though, Miami and Green got things working. Green mixed in an array of throws to and went four for four on the drive. Even though Miami could not punch in a score inside the goal line, it was the end of Green’s night. It looks as if Miami is going to be very creative this year on offense and Green seems comfortable enough already. The only reason he may have been shaky on the first series was due to the fact on facing his old team in Kansas City.

What was more impressive then anything for Miami was their offensive and defensive line, which dominated both sides of the football. That is not new to the Dolphins defense but the offensive line has been below average for quite some time now. It looks as if they’re starting to mesh as a unit and created plenty of holes for Ronnie Brown. Brown’s best run of the night came on Green’s effective drive. He was patient to get to the hole, shed a few tacklers and made a quick cutback and switched to a second gear. Ty Law dragged him down or the 22 yard gain would have been a sure score for the Dolphins.

Besides the first team offense it looked as if Miami’s second and third team was not willing to operate. Then rookie, John Beck came in and maneuvered the Dolphins with ease to get a touchdown and a go ahead two point conversion. Expect Beck to play with the second team next week and play for a longer period of time. Miami needs to know how much talent Beck has, but he definitely possesses the smarts and intangibles to be the future starting quarterback in Miami.

For Kansas City, things appear to be happening to slow with only two weeks of preseason action left. This game will likely speed the process up of agreeing to a new deal with Larry Johnson. Their offense has been absolutely atrocious the first two preseason games. At quarterback Damon Huard either could not get in the groove or just had a poor night. The play calling was not in his favor but he just didn’t manage the team as a first string quarterback should. Brody Croyle on the other hand seemed to feed off of Huard’s inabilities. The first series of Croyle’s action is when the Chiefs offense revved up and marched down the field for a quick touchdown. That drive would be the end of Croyle’s momentum as he cooled down immediately and threw a poor interception in the end zone.

The main fantasy analysis to take from this game is that Miami is going to shoot to get this offense rolling. They only managed to score 16 points per game last season and that should boost up into the low 20’s. If that can happen that will translate into more touchdowns for Mr. Ronnie Brown. No one really knows where to rank Brown but he is falling into the second round in most drafts. With the almost guaranteed RB, RB, choice selections for rounds one and two, Brown makes a top notch second back.

A late flier or safe choice for quarterback in Trent Green might not be a bad consideration either.