Brandon Marshall What Are You Thinking

By Zack Cimini

Marshall talent wise is one of the best receivers in the game, but continues to hurt his image in several ways. His latest issue happened to be on his appearance on the NFL Network. He responded to most questions in proper manner, saying that his agent is handling all present issues. When it came to reporting to training camp, he stated he will be there because he doesn’t want to get fined daily. On top of it he said Denver wants him there on the 27th when injured players and rookies are too report. Only a few questions later in regards to his off-season hip surgery, he went on to say that he is fine. Just days earlier he was doing 360 and windmill dunks. Wow, Brandon way to put yourself out there as an injured player. This is the kind of nonsense that may be the number one reason why the Broncos don’t want to pay you based off of your stats. Smarten up and do your job.

Impact: While this just continues to show Marshall’s issues, he is still a young and talented receiver. With Kyle Orton being his quarterback an obvious decline in caught balls will happen. Don’t rule Marshall out completely for touchdowns and big plays though. Orton can deliver the football and Marshall will continue to be the main target as a strong, big, and physical receiver.