Beating The Spread: Week Eight

By Zack Cimini

Here’s a look at our spread choices for week eight. With half the lines being set around the three point mark and the other half double digit spreads, it’s set to be a difficult week for gamblers.

Denver at Baltimore (-3) – Pick Baltimore
Both teams are coming off bye weeks so they should be well rested. The strengths of these two teams are still on the defensive side of the ball. With the extra week off the wear and tear of the first six games should allow the defenses to get back to their normal selves. The spread is set perfectly in this one, but the edge here goes to the Ravens quarterback over the Broncos. Flacco should be able to throw the ball with ease on a Broncos secondary that has had trouble at times this year.
Cleveland at Chicago(-13.5)- Pick Cleveland
Cleveland’s offense is so abysmal right now that linesmakers were forced into this double digit spread. Chicago though hasn’t been in sync much of the year offensively. Their second year star back Matt Forte has struggled each week, and Jay Cutler has been erratic throughout most games. Which fact will bend from the trends of the first seven weeks? The Bears offense developing consistency or the Browns generating anything.
Houston -3.5 at Buffalo- Pick Houston
This is the type of game that has kept Houston hovering around the .500 mark when seasons are over. They need this win to have a chance at one of the final wild card berths towards the end of the season. Buffalo is on a little win streak of their own, ever since Ryan Fitzpatrick entered the lineup. Weather could be a factor here, but Houston’s offense should prove to be too much for Buffalo.
Minnesota at Green Bay (-3)- Pick Green Bay
The first matchup Green Bay honestly looked like the better team. The Vikings home edge, defensive pressure on Rodgers, and turnovers were the keys to the Vikings first matchup. Just like any heated top divisional matchup teams will split the season series based on their home matchups.
San Francisco at Indianapolis (-13)- Pick San Francisco
San Francisco is on a bit of a slide, losing three of their last four games. They’ve made the switch at quarterback to insert Alex Smith and we believe it’s the right move. San Francisco should be able to balance their offense enough by running the football with Frank Gore and allowing Smith to pick up where he left off last week. With all of the injuries the Colts have offensively, especially at wide receiver, the 49ers should be able to halt some drives. Expect this game to be lower scoring than believed to be.
Miami at NY Jets -3.5- Pick Miami
Mark Sanchez still has to prove he can go four quarters since his production fell off from his quick start. We’re going to discount the Oakland game and see if he has it against Miami. Miami is playing well but falling just short in their games. This is a must win for them or their season spirals to 2-5.
Seattle at Dallas -9.5- Pick Dallas
A month ago people were throwing Romo under the bus left and right, now it’s as if those conversations never even happened. One of Romo’s most memorable bad moments came against the Seahawks on that botched field goal hold in the wild card round a few years ago. Dallas should jump out early on the Seahawks at home and make this a laugher.
Oakland at San Diego -16.5 – Pick San Diego
Until Oakland shows they can go a week without being blown out or shut out than money will continue to pour on the opposing teams. It’s becoming a circus in Oakland. Their defense has came too play most weeks, but any shocking upsets like their win over Philly shouldn’t happen again.
Jacksonville at Tennessee (-3)- Pick Jacksonville
The Jaguars stomped the Titans in a game at home in which the Titans were actually favored. David Garrard looked like a Pro Bowler in that game. We don’t see how the Titans can hold up this time either. The law of averages with a team this talented should have them winning sooner or later, but it looks like 0-7 is on the horizon.
Carolina at Arizona -10: Pick Arizona
Talk about a game that has you giddy as a gambler. This is the matchup game in which Delhomme has never recovered from his playoff performance of a year ago. So far this year he has been by far the worse quarterback and he’ll be hearing all week about going up against the Cardinals again. Arizona has shined lately and at home are even better. There’s no way they fall to 1-3 at home. Cardinals get this win with Matt Leinart playing by the 4th quarter.
NY Giants at Philadelphia: Pick Philadelphia
This is a pick em game and should be as even sided a game that’s been all year. Brian Westbrook will be a game time decision. If he plays the edge should go to Philadelphia which always kills the Giants with their screens and schemes with Westbrook.
Atlanta at New Orleans (-10): Pick Atlanta
Teams will now take a page from Miami’s playbook but complete it. They had the perfect game plan but let it all to waste in a span of the fourth quarter. Atlanta usually plays the Saints tough. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see them pull this win out and end the Saints undefeated start.

Currently OTB: St. Louis and Detroit-
If you’re betting on this one anyways you need help.