by Zack Cimini

It’s always been about the running backs dominating fantasy football but has the positioning shifted over to the quarterbacks? In this first stretch of four games we’ve seen only two teams really dominate running the football. Those teams running the football well and consistently thus far have been the Denver Broncos and the Miami Dolphins. Some others are doing so-so but not nearly at the level we would all like.

The main statistic that hasn’t been brought up enough is that this past four weeks was record breaking for league passing measures. Over a four week stretch there has never been more yards thrown in NFL history.
Think of all the quarterbacks that have had 300 yard days this past month. You had quarterbacks such as Kevin Kolb having 300 yard days all the way up to the norms in Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner. Heck even Jason Campbell had a 300 yard passing day. This sort of peak in the passing game will obviously curtail somewhat, but it also makes even more of a need to make sure you have a solid backup quarterback.

The blossoming of the young quarterbacks has also helped. Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Ben Roethlisberger and a handful of others are exceeding any type of fantasy numbers we would have thought. There are options out there currently on the waiver wire that will help you have favorable matchups that you’re going to need to make up for all the extra points quarterbacks are getting now.

Part of the main reason quarterbacks are padding their stats is the numerous times quarterbacks are throwing the immediate hot route quick screen to receivers. Quarterbacks are getting so good at it that they’re doing it five to seven times a game. Peyton Manning has made this a staple to his arsenal as his team has struggled to get a running game going. Too make up for that consistent chunks of yards he is thriving on hitting Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie, or Pierre Garcon with the quick hot route throw. It’s no coincidence that Manning for the first time in his career has thrown for 300 yards for four straight games.

Fantasy owners that went all out on running backs don’t fear. There are still plenty of backs that have been getting the carries but just not having the results. Step it up Matt Forte and Michael Turner. The tables will rebalance themselves somewhat but maybe never to the level we have all been use to. There is just too much distribution dividing up backfields. Teams not only are using just a two back system, most are going with three.