2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 2nd Basemen

2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 2nd Basemen
By Raymond Ayala

1. Chase Utley (PHI) – Has been a consistent fantasy performer, and his only downfall has been a little bit of an injury history. Utley is an all-around player who has also added speed to his game, with a career high 23 stolen bases last season.

2. Ian Kinsler (TEX) – Not only did Kinsler go 30-30 last season, but he also added 101 Runs to a filled stat line. While Pedroia may have had the edge in college, Kinsler has the edge in 2010 and beyond. He’ll be aiming for 40-40 this season, and by God almighty, I believe he can do it.

3. Brandon Phillips (CIN) – Believe it or not, Phillips has some pretty nice weapons around him in that Reds lineup. Phillips is another 2nd basemen who is good for all-around stats, most importantly speed. Phillips will reach All-Star status this season after he has a 30-30 season.

4. Dustin Pedroia (BOS) – Followed up his MVP-season with another fantastic year. While Pedroia may not provide much power, his average and speed continue to be his strengths. Chalk him down for a .300 average, 100 runs, and 20 SB’s.

5. Aaron Hill (TOR) – Had a surprising 2009 season last year and will now be looking to follow up last years surprise. Hill will succeed this year with another 30-100 season.

6. Ben Zobrist (TB) – He put up fantastic numbers, not to mention he is eligible at 2B, SS and OF. Even though I expect a drop off in his power numbers, he is still valuable because of his versatility, not to mention the speed he brings.

7. Robinson Cano (NYY) – He led all 2nd basemen in batting average last season, while also belting a career high 25 homeruns. In that ballpark, I would not be shocked to see Cano hit 30 bombs this year, but I look for his runs and average to drop a little bit.

8. Dan Uggla (FLA) – Uggla doesn’t get the credit he deserves. How about an average of 30 homeruns and 90 RBI’s in four major league seasons. If Uggla gets traded, that would increase his fantasy value.

9. Jose Lopez (SEA) – Had a great season in 2009, and I only expect him to improve as the Marines improve. Lopez is still young and a 30-100 season could happen in 2010.

10. Brian Roberts (BAL) – Roberts is the 2nd basemen you go to if you are looking for a consistent combination of speed and runs. Over the last three seasons Roberts has averaged 40 stolen bases and over 100 runs. Roberts at ten shows how much the 2nd base position has improved over the past three seasons.

11. Alexis Ramirez (CHW) – His first year of Major League Baseball went better than expected. His speed and power combination make him almost a certainty to go 20-20 this season.

12. Howie Kendrick (LAA) – Similar to Ramirez has the potential to go 20-20 this season. Kendrick still has yet to see more than 400 AB’s in a season, which means his numbers can only improve in 2010.

13. Asdrubal Cabrera (CLE) – Improved a lot from his 2008 seasons, and has the speed to steal 30 bags. Only problem with Cabrera is he is only good for speed and average though.

14. Rickie Weeks (MIL) – It is make or break for Weeks, and the Brewers season could depend on him. If Weeks can’t hit 20-20, his stint with the Brewers will be all but over.

15. Freddy Sanchez (PIT) – Will not start the season with the Giants due to offseason shoulder surgery. Just remember, Sanchez is a former batting champion and is easily capable of supplying your team with plenty of hits and runs when healthy.

16. Placido Polanco (PHI) – Is 2nd base eligible, making him a valuable asset to have. Polanco’s change of scenary should help his numbers, especially in the power department.

17. Scott Sizemore (DET) – Detroit has been very excited about Sizemore’s glove and his 20-20 potential. He has never logged a Major league at-bat, but expect him to compete for the Rookie of the Year award this year.

18. Martin Prado (ATL) – Had a nice season with Atlanta last year, and his numbers should improve in 2010. Prado has the potential to be a surprise player and could hit 20 homeruns with 60 RBI’s and 60 runs.

19. Ronnie Belliard (LAD) – Is the definition of consistency and had a great stint with the Dodgers, even displacing Orland Hudson at 2B. Look for him to have a solid season this year.

20. Orlando Hudson (MIN) – Hudson was a solid pick up for the Minnesota Twins this offseason. Look for him to have a bounce back year from an injury-plagued 2009 season.

Future Five to Watch
1. Brett Lawrie (MIL)
2. Todd Frazier (CIN)
3. Jemile Weeks (OAK)
4. Chris Nelson (COL)
5. Chase D’Arnaud (PIT)