Vegas Betting Stories Part One


A journey in sports betting has to come via action in Las Vegas. The growth and decline happens in the betting capital of the world.

Throughout the years I’ve been apart of some unbelievable betting Vegas weekends.

I’ll try and chronicle as many as I can over the next couple of weeks. The weekend I’m going to touch on featured tight finishes galore ATS.

An improbable comeback cover, a skin of the teeth Sunny Belter win, a special teams disaster to blow a cover, a backdoor special, and two classic NFL blowouts.

All in all the weekend ended with a Sunday night blowout win. Tightness in the book amongst us went from on edge to us enjoying a few MGM specialty donuts.

The Only Way we Can Lose Announcement, and it Happened
Minnesota vs Ohio State

In the morning game we were on Ohio State. They were sizeable road favorites I believe in the range of 13.5 points. Right off the bat they looked sluggish offensively with the lone score coming on a broken play touchdown by JT Barrett.

The sloppiness was evident and they absolutely could not stop Minnesota’s running back in David Cobb. He ran for 145 yards and probably could have had more.

Yet late in the game Ohio State maintained a 31-14 lead. The chance of a backdoor was evident but we all felt comfortable with Minnesota’s poor passing offense and the need to score quickly.

In the fourth quarter Minnesota had to punt after being stopped near the midfield. I commented before the punt the only way we lose this is on a muffed punt here. Sure enough the Ohio State punt returner botched the catch.

All of us looked in unison hoping a Buckeye landed on the muff. Nope. Inside the Buckeyes red zone David Cobb did another spoon feed touchdown. The first play of our weekend was a loss but would end up being the only loss of the weekend.

Famous Jamous Buddies Bet
Florida State -3 vs Miami

This was a game I wanted no part of. It was a prime time game and the Seminoles were continuously winning in sloppy fashion. Famous Jameis was carrying the Seminoles weekly while the rest of the team looked subpar.

Yet a buddy of mine liked it enough to place a large wager on it. The Seminoles were small favorites and down quickly 13-0. Quickly he had decided he needed to go to the hotel gym.

We didn’t hear from him for a couple hours but kept track of the game. Miami had the game in hand but special teams gaffes came back to bite them. A missed extra point and a missed chip shot proved to be the window of opportunity the Seminoles needed.

They ended up coming back and winning by four points. Late in the game our friend had came back to the room and was on bended knee as Miami drove late but threw a pick to conclude the game.

Final score was 30-26 and truly a game that shouldn’t have covered.

Sunny Belter Skin of the Teeth

Another play on my board for everyone involved the Sun Belt. The Rajun Cajuns were 6.5 point favorites on the road against Louisiana Monroe.

Lafayette never could put away Monroe. This was the classic game were both teams kept scoring but Lafayette had the slight lead over the number throughout.

We were fortunate with Monroe’s miscues. They had two long drives ended by turnovers and five overall turnovers.

This was a clock watch game late and ended up being on our side. Lafayette won by seven points to cover by a half point.

Backdoor SEC Special on Buddies Bet

This was another added game by my other buddy. I forget the exact spread but Alabama was somewhere in the range of 7.5 to 8 point favorites against number one Mississippi State.

We were all on the move but tracking the game on one of our phones. Mississippi St was down 25-13 late with the backdoor special wide open.

The clock seemed perfectly set for a backdoor. We all had entered Bellagio and were nearing the sportsbook for the conclusion. Inside the five with mere seconds left the Bulldogs kept misfiring for a touchdown.

On fourth and goal they were of course going for it from the four-yard line with fifteen seconds left. Dak Prescott fired a quick throw and sure enough it was caught.

This featured the patented quick blow by of a poor result at the sportsbook by my buddy. It was that close to cashing. We all had an easy Oregon State night cap winner against ASU that made his night better.

You Give Aaron $$$ A Special Teamer
I had three games on our NFL board and bet the early winner on Houston Texans on the road against the Browns. The guys had slept in and missed out on the early games. Nevertheless they placed an added game on the Cardinals and won. Two other plays were on my board for us to all bet.

Green Bay was facing an Eagles team gaining momentum at home. Green Bay was sizeable favorites against a 7-2 team, which typically is not the norm. All week most people had liked Philadelphia.

Quickly we all knew that this was Green Bay’s day. They jumped out 17-0 in the first quarter with one touchdown produced on a punt return. We all had the mutual expressions of this is going to be a good one. The rant was , “if you spot Aaron $$ a special teamer”.

It was a fantastic win after each one prior had been grueling on college football Saturday.

Jonas Who?
The nightcap was a Sunday Night prime time battle between the Colts and Patriots. For some strange reason the Colts were three point favorites. This turned into a prime money bet for all of us. Heading into halftime it was still unknown as Tom Brady threw one of the worst ill-advised pre halftime interceptions I had ever seen.

It was not Tommy’s night but it was Jonas Gray’s. The non-featured back got the start and had one of the more memorable prime time games for a running back in the last decade.

By the third quarter one of us had ran to the MGM bakery and grab a half dozen donuts to enjoy. It turned into a relaxed setting and capped a 3-0 NFL day.


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