The Time Chase Utley Ruined a 3K Parlay

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Back in 2006 was the first true year I could bet legally. With college roommate friends we literally did four things. Went to class, work, occasional parties, and bet on games.

The success during football season was unordinary. By the start of second semester I had taken a break as I didn’t have the time to keep up with basketball.

I did still witness some memorable bets gone right and gone wrong. One buddy had put a large amount on the NCAA championship game of UCLA and Florida. That outcome was not to his favor.

His next large bet came during the MLB All Star game. Pre-All Star game the whirlwind was the fact that the AL had not lost to the NL in quite some time. Bettors love hearing that type of information and so did my buddy. He sweated through one run for eight innings before Michael Young delivered a two-out triple to give the Al the win.

By summer break I had enough free time to keep up with MLB and was doing well.

Suddenly on July 25th I saw the MLB board with full clarity. Even back then I knew it meant to input a parlay. I don’t remember the amount of games inputted but it was in the range of five to six games.

Without sweat I had all games except one in hand. It was the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Philadelphia Phillies.

I had inputted the under of 9.5 runs. Right off the bat the Phillies scored three runs in the first inning. Then another run came via the Diamondbacks, and another by the Phillies. After a wild pitch run by Luis Gonzalez it was 4-2 in the third inning.

Suddenly both teams cooled off and there were no runs besides a Luis Gonzalez solo shot in the 7th. So it’s 4-3 going into the eighth inning. I had a two run cushion with both bullpens needing to pitch well in a tight game.

The Diamondbacks ended up getting a two-out triple to tie it in the eighth. So now I’m sitting with one-run of cushion. By the top of the ninth the Diamondbacks were now winning 5-4.

A winning parlay was three outs a way. One out came and now Chase Utley was in the batters box. Utley was in one of those batter zones on a 25 game hit streak and had already hit a homer in the game.

At this point I couldn’t watch. I had exited the house with my phone and ESPN statcast in view as I took an aimless walk in the neighborhood. It’d be short lived.

Sure enough the Diamondbacks reliever in Jorge Julio served Chase Utley his second homer of the night.

I was frozen and dumb founded at the same time. That feeling you get when something great is suddenly over.

I never call a losing wager a bad beat and that one was not either. But I do think the Diamondbacks should have walked Utley in that scenario.

Twelve years later Chase Utley is finally going into retirement but will always be remembered by myself when I think of parlays.


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