The Gold Rush for Sports Betting Will Never Change

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The dollar chase from big companies has begun to enter the world of sports betting. Different routes of coverage and content are ongoing. Competition will be sizeable but how long will it take before the fizzle and bubble burst to occur?

Not long. Similar to a hot stock market stretch the green can fade quickly. Year over year growth from any company needs to occur with profits based on the business model. In the world of sports betting the only way to do this is to provide content that gives people what they want. Winners.

No magic wand to give out winners exists. Legal sportsbooks in Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities have shown profits month to month and year over year for countless decades.

The foundational reason why has to do with the bettor and the rule of the pitter-patter.

Check any site with true handicapper records and you’ll see more than half that float at exactly the same amount of wins and losses. It’s happened to me and can happen without breaking away from your normal betting routine.

Rationale on why this occurs is simple. When a bettor wins his next bet is suddenly shifted to a current value mindset. A loss and a bettor now shifts his betting mindset to a future value.

It will never change and is why the industry will remain streak based and pitter-patter based.


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