The Glory of Steve Kerr

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As the NBA Finals are set to start the comparisons of old age vs new age continue to run a gamut.

While the Lebron, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and bad boy of Draymond Green images get tossed around, I’ll focus on the Warriors Coach in Steve Kerr.

A track record of Kerr’s last 25 plus years in hoops is seemingly impossible to script.

The University of Arizona guard flourished under legendary Coach Lute Olson. While defeating the odds of success in college was great, no one anticipated Kerr stepping forth in the NBA the way he did.

Quietly he embraced the pedigree of a champion under Michael Jordan and with the Spurs behind Tim Duncan.

The coaching tutelage from Olson, Phil Jackson, and Gregg Poppovich set forth an unprecedented transition from the booth to the sidelines.

As he did in his NBA career the move garnered little attention. Under former Coach Mark Jackson the Warriors showed credentials to be a contender in the West but expectations weren’t much beyond the playoffs.

Odds quickly shifted as the Warriors embarked on a standout season as Kerr got the most out of all of the Warriors.

Just like Phil Jackson and Gregg Poppovich, Kerr was not afraid to make the necessary moves needed to push the Warriors forward.

Sitting former All-Star David Lee could have been a distraction but Kerr pressed forward.

Now as the Finals get set to start Kerr’s status is still unknown.

Or is it?

With or without Kerr the impact he has already had on the entire team is there.

Behind the scenes Kerr is still attending practices and surely providing necessary feedback to his team.

While the attention is centered around the plethora of talent on the court, lets not forget the glory of Steve Kerr.


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