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The Potency of Sports Opinions Labeled as Betting

Wednesday, 8 August, 2018

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Media takes on the world of sports betting have been frenetic. It’s at an all time high and likely to continue through the new waves of sports betting legalization.

Suddenly opinions are floating more than daily and fantasy sports takes. The race to chase the millions of sports bettors is the hottest market tied to sports.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver saw this years ago and soon every major league will be in the same territory.

It’s a market where the new age has yet to be determined. Old sales tactics from sports marketers fanned out in the mid 2000s. Sports handicappers migrated to a proper scope of an internet audience that can see true wins and losses.

Now there is an out of hand part of the current sports handicapper market that involves fake marketers and fake results to lure in buyers. But that type of scamming exists with any information type business. Most consumers are smart enough to dodge a profile of fake followers or a bogus name.

True handicappers are bettors first and foremost. They’re betting the games they give out and earning their dollars two-ways.

With what I’m seeing now media personalities are beginning to float opinions in the betting market as if it’s an NFL Sunday preview show. Head to head takes for bettors that are likely to put their dollars on a free opinion.

It’s a dangerous potent combination. Bettors want the lure of anything free or cheap. But these opinions are coming from non-sports bettors.

If you’re not putting a dollar down one does not have a proper opinion. There is simply no one to gauge a market if you are not in it.

With NFL being the toughest sport to handicap it should be an interesting six months as people lose money from the media chase of sports betting.

Where I see it headed is sort of the same direction ESPN’s ticker has went with a computer take of percentages on a team’s chances to cover ATS.

Beat Vegas Betting This NFL Number

Tuesday, 31 July, 2018

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Beat Vegas Betting This NFL Number

As tough as the NFL can be on a week-to-week basis one would think the number seven would be just as arduous.

Yet it has been a staple for favorites to continually cash and win. Not by a slim margin either. The final scores of these games usually indicate a result that should have warranted a double-digit spread.

Keep in mind some of these games featured a late touchdown gift or one of that sort to keep a team from going for a tie.

For a sample size I went through the first eight weeks of 2016 and the first four weeks of 2017 reviewing seven point spreads. Overall the outcome for the favorite was 14-1-1.

The Tennessee Titans at home against the Cleveland Browns in 2016 were the lone team not to cover. Odell Beckham Jr’s late touchdown in the final seconds resulted in the lone push in a Sunday night football prime time game against the Green Bay Packers.

As a whole combined the spread differential in these games was over eleven points per game.

Each game is listed below.

There are countless other examples if one wanted to continue on either season or even go further back.

The 2014 Arizona Cardinals were seven point favorites at home multiple times and blew out their opponent. In 2015 the Carolina Panthers blew out the Atlanta Falcons as seven point favorites late in the season, and last year the Rams fared the exact same as seven point favorites.

Houston at Minnesota (2016): Spread Vikings -7
Final Score Minnesota 31 Houston 13

Tampa Bay at Arizona (2016): Spread Arizona -7
Final Score Arizona 40 Tampa Bay 7

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (2016): Spread Dallas -7
Final Score Dallas 31 Chicago 17

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals (2016): Spread Cincinnati -7
Final Score Cincinnati 22 Miami 7

San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills (2016): Spread Buffalo -7
Final Score Buffalo 45 San Francisco 16

Cincinnati at New England (2016): Spread New England -7
Final Score New England 35 Cincinnati 17

Chicago Bears at Green Bay (2016): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 26 Chicago Bears 10

Dallas at Cleveland (2016) Spread Dallas 07
Final Score Dallas 35 Cleveland 10

Indianapolis at Denver (2016) Spread Denver -7
Final Score Denver 34 Indianapolis 20

New York Giants at Green Bay (2016) Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 23 New York Giants 16
**Backdoor touchdown from Eli Manning to ODB in final minute.


Chicago at Tampa Bay (2017): Spread Tampa Bay -7
Final Score Tampa Bay 29 Chicago 7

Cleveland at Baltimore (2017): Spread Baltimore -7
Final Score Baltimore 24 Cleveland 10

Chicago Bears at Green Bay (2017): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 35 Chicago Bears 14

Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs (2017): Spread Kansas City -7
Final Score Kansas City 29 Washington 20

Seattle at Green Bay (2017): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 17 Seattle 9