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Sports Betting Feature: Getting in Your Own Way

Saturday, 28 July, 2018

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Betting features a plethora of repetitive errors by individuals. Getting in your own way is a common practice that’s as routine as putting on your shoes everyday.

The majority of these topics can be laughed about amongst your buddies. Nail biter losses that had no value that you bet anyway. Betting on teams that you have poor reads on or betting your profits of the day on the final game.

These are well known topics that have been hammered and discussed time and time again.

One that I believe is not discussed has to do with betting morning games. Living on the west coast games are starting bright and early at 10AM. Having traveled to the mid-west and back east the same pattern happens for first games of the day.

For multiple years I’d go in with full confidence on a betting board that featured plays throughout the day. Without fail I’d find myself starting out the day with a loss and typically the game would not be close to the spread outcome.

Stubborn attitudes when betting is not going to change the outcome. It took me some time to come to grips with the fact that morning games in football are out of the question when starting the season.

The rationale behind that can go many routes but I firmly believe it has to do with board assessment.

Breaking down games early in the season it’s impossible to have a full view on an entire board. As the season stretches on one can adapt and expand on the board one hundred percent.

This typically occurs for me roughly by late October.

NFL doesn’t have the big board Sundays to have the same impact as college football Saturday. With the social media world I’m able to see over zealous bettors challenge a college football Saturday and start off the day in disastrous fashion.

Do the morning bets look the best compared to the afternoon/evening games? Of course they do. If you find yourself with an imbalanced betting board featuring morning games take a step back.

You’ll become more disciplined and in turn profit.