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Video: Discipline in Sports Betting

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

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Zack simplifies the process for bettors on how to handle discipline in sports betting.

Decision Time: Finalizing an NFL Betting Board

Wednesday, 1 August, 2018

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In all areas of life best practices can boost sustainability year over year. There are optimal times during the week of a cycled improvement plan. Everything you do can be tracked meticulously when trying to improve an area of your life style.

Whether you’re working on improving your fitness, nutrition, financial habits, or you name it.

In the world of betting this can’t be done with daily sports such as the NBA or MLB.

A cycle of wins and losses is likely going to be a rollercoaster for the entirety of that season.

The one sport you can gain an edge in with a proper weekly routine is the NFL. In the NFL I’ve broken down the two days of the week that could boost your ATS percentages or destroy.

Monday Night Football

After a taxing Saturday and Sunday tracking and betting games it can be hard to jump right back into it on Monday. It is but that’s the mindset you need to gain forward.

When one pushes themselves on a workout program the toughest day for gains are the follow up workouts. It’s the same with the NFL.

Mind you you’re going to need the proper setting to boost your knowledge of the number and memory. That comes via Monday Night football.

Almost like clock work I will wait until kickoff of Monday night football before I have the lines in front of me. Once kickoff begins I’m evaluating the board in my head.

The point spread of the Monday Night game and play on the field help facilitate board evaluation. You start remembering point spreads of prior weeks and even plays that dictated a final outcome. But the best thing about utilizing a Monday Night game is it’s the last game of the week. You have no choice but to put your mindset for future point spread evaluation.

Typically right before halftime of Monday Night football I have a solid foundation of a pre-board finalization. I may tweak a game or two but these are ones that I typically use for the upcoming week.

Worst Day to Finalize is Thursday

The absolute worst day to finalize is Thursday. In the above reference for Monday Night football one has no choice but to interpret the spreads with a future mindset.

On Thursday it’s the exact opposite. The week is beginning with Thursday Night Football in the NFL and scheduled college football games as well.

The tug of war decisions on games and point spreads will be inevitable. You’ll literally have thoughts on both sides of a spread, which is not a clear way to evaluate a board.

You’re over thinking will get you to pick the games that should not be difficult for an underdog while rationalizing the supposed easy games for favorites. That sets up the double-whammy irreversible betting weekend that can sink your betting confidence into the following week.

Do not attempt to finalize a betting board on Thursday as you will surely be in a current value mindset.

Take these two tips and mend your own routine year over year and you’ll be on the road too more profits ATS.

Beat Vegas Betting This NFL Number

Tuesday, 31 July, 2018

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Beat Vegas Betting This NFL Number

As tough as the NFL can be on a week-to-week basis one would think the number seven would be just as arduous.

Yet it has been a staple for favorites to continually cash and win. Not by a slim margin either. The final scores of these games usually indicate a result that should have warranted a double-digit spread.

Keep in mind some of these games featured a late touchdown gift or one of that sort to keep a team from going for a tie.

For a sample size I went through the first eight weeks of 2016 and the first four weeks of 2017 reviewing seven point spreads. Overall the outcome for the favorite was 14-1-1.

The Tennessee Titans at home against the Cleveland Browns in 2016 were the lone team not to cover. Odell Beckham Jr’s late touchdown in the final seconds resulted in the lone push in a Sunday night football prime time game against the Green Bay Packers.

As a whole combined the spread differential in these games was over eleven points per game.

Each game is listed below.

There are countless other examples if one wanted to continue on either season or even go further back.

The 2014 Arizona Cardinals were seven point favorites at home multiple times and blew out their opponent. In 2015 the Carolina Panthers blew out the Atlanta Falcons as seven point favorites late in the season, and last year the Rams fared the exact same as seven point favorites.

Houston at Minnesota (2016): Spread Vikings -7
Final Score Minnesota 31 Houston 13

Tampa Bay at Arizona (2016): Spread Arizona -7
Final Score Arizona 40 Tampa Bay 7

Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys (2016): Spread Dallas -7
Final Score Dallas 31 Chicago 17

Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals (2016): Spread Cincinnati -7
Final Score Cincinnati 22 Miami 7

San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills (2016): Spread Buffalo -7
Final Score Buffalo 45 San Francisco 16

Cincinnati at New England (2016): Spread New England -7
Final Score New England 35 Cincinnati 17

Chicago Bears at Green Bay (2016): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 26 Chicago Bears 10

Dallas at Cleveland (2016) Spread Dallas 07
Final Score Dallas 35 Cleveland 10

Indianapolis at Denver (2016) Spread Denver -7
Final Score Denver 34 Indianapolis 20

New York Giants at Green Bay (2016) Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 23 New York Giants 16
**Backdoor touchdown from Eli Manning to ODB in final minute.


Chicago at Tampa Bay (2017): Spread Tampa Bay -7
Final Score Tampa Bay 29 Chicago 7

Cleveland at Baltimore (2017): Spread Baltimore -7
Final Score Baltimore 24 Cleveland 10

Chicago Bears at Green Bay (2017): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 35 Chicago Bears 14

Washington Redskins at Kansas City Chiefs (2017): Spread Kansas City -7
Final Score Kansas City 29 Washington 20

Seattle at Green Bay (2017): Spread Green Bay -7
Final Score Green Bay 17 Seattle 9