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Vegas Summer League Catalyst for Growth

Tuesday, 18 April, 2017


Landing both a hockey and NFL franchise would have been unimaginable for Las Vegas just five years ago.

Yet, Las Vegas began proper transitioning of the Las Vegas strip during the height of the recession in 2008-2009. The landscape changed drastically with new hotels finalized and proper marketing for a Las Vegas summer attraction—The NBA summer league.

For a span of two weeks marquee NBA coaches, assistants, scouts, and personnel exhibited their skills in a higher fashion than past summer leagues.

Second and third year players at the back end of rosters played extensively along with the typical limited minutes usage of high draft picks.

Betting on the summer league became available in 2012-2013 during the start of the Golden State Warriors ascent upward as an organization. Led by Kent Bazemore the Warriors went undefeated and toppled a Suns team that featured both of the Morris twins.

Standout marketing in person featured meet and greets in between games with up and coming NBA talent. In fact, this past summer one could have met Joel Embiid who has obviously turned the corner in his career

Networking opportunities are also available as media outlets big/small are growing by the year.

The growth of the summer league should only continue with the advancement of the NBA developmental league. Rosters will get filled with these athletes and we’ve seen players like Jonathan Simmons, James Ennis, and Kent Bazemore excel forward because of a summer league opportunity.

As a Vegas local it’s an event I looked forward to even before becoming a resident. As long as the NBA keeps an emphasis on the summer league it will continue to be a hidden gem event that Vegas spotlights.