Sports Betting: Raiders Should Be Super Bowl Favorite

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Training camps are underway throughout the NFL. In a matter of weeks we all we see a sneak peak of what’s to come with the NFL pre-season.

Personally, I’m not one to dive into NFL futures or look at football lines in July. It’s a moot point to seek value in July on a product that could change drastically beforehand. Injuries happen and poor team chemistry out the gate are common factors.

By the first week of October is when I usually decide on an NFL future. Why? Typically the market is unchanged from July to that point in October.

Chucky is back in the NFL as Jon Gruden has re-entered the coaching ranks. After many years away in the booth at ESPN he came back for the right situation in Oakland.

He’s still young at 54 years old and has the combination of old school and new school coaching mentality to fit right back in. Here’s a guy that was apart of a phenomenal team of coaches in Green Bay during the Brett Favre era in 1992. Coaches such as Dick Jauron, Andy Reid, Ray Rhodes, and Steve Mariucci were apart of Mike Holmgren’s staff.

Eight years later Gruden would be apart of a three-year coaching run similar to his former staff mate in Andy Reid. His Raiders lost in the AFC Championship game against a Baltimore defense that was one of the best ever. A year later the Tom Brady tuck rule cost them going to the AFC title game.

Ultimately Gruden would have his success in Tampa Bay as they defeated his former team easily in 2002.

Years in the booth for ESPN Monday Night Football are underrated. Most former coaches are in the studio not in the booth. Those that are often times find themselves covering particular teams as networks pair their broadcast teams.

Gruden had a birds eye view of every team countless times from a live setting without having to review film.

The game is much easier than it was when Gruden departed. We’re now seeing coaches jump right in the ranks and have success as Sean McVay and Doug Pederson did last year.

On the field as team the Raiders showed that they have the budding youth on both sides of the ball to get the job done. Injuries derailed their momentum last year, which took away from a progression season.

The impact of the announcement to move to Vegas surely had an impact to a degree. Now a done deal they now have no pressure in a city of Oakland that will now have a different mentality. This is not their team anymore and fans are coming to grips with that.

Focusing on the rest of the AFC starts with the Raiders division. The Broncos are still a mess, San Diego is San Diego, and Gruden knows Andy Reid’s style very well.

The youth infusion of teams winning with younger quarterbacks will continue in 2018. In the AFC it won’t be Blake Bortles from the Jaguars.

In the NFL circle of life the setting is in place for Gruden to get his revenge on the Patriots. They’re as vulnerable as ever now just as they were during Tom Brady’s youth in which Gruden exited as a Raider to a tuck-rule loss.

Disclaimer: This is not a Super Bowl recommendation just my view in July. As stated I’ll release a Super Bowl future in October via SuperPhone


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