Raptors New Favorite In the East

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The race in the East is now a chase that just became hotter. The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics already have the core nucleus of talent to be considered Eastern Conference favorites. Development of Giannis combined with the Bucks development of role players has led to recent blowouts.

Boston has the ability to turn it on once the playoffs hit, and Gordon Hayward gets closer to a full season under his belt.

Yet the team that just took the biggest leap are the Toronto Raptors. For years they were knocking on the door against the Lebron James led Eastern Conference teams. Never getting over the hump caused the Raptors to take extreme measures. First by landing Kawhi Leonard and trading away franchise staple DeMar Derozan.

As the deadline approached Thursday they focused on the interior and added Marc Gasol. Gasol has shown that he can still be a force on the court. He has adapted his game enough to be a considerable upgrade for the Raptors in the Eastern Conference. He’ll certainly be a matchup problem with the offensive production currently on the Raptors.

Give it ten games to see how his role and minutes look but the Raptors should be the new favorites of the East.


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