Ranking A Play Versus the Board Creates Daily Memory

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To become a sharper bettor there are an infinite amount of variables to climb upward. Two that are unquestionable are the need to have a sharp memory and to be able to watch a game without tunnel vision.

If your eyes are fixated on the screen that has your betting interest only it’s going to be the same way you break down a betting board. Stuck on particular games and a self-drawn lure to go back to a game that has no betting value at all.

When reviewing the next day or week’s betting board you will have a singular view. Each game will be looked at as the number and the game, which simplified is how it’s supposed to be done.

But there’s a way to break down a betting board that will in turn change your mindset while watching games.

That is to rank a game versus the daily board. This can take awhile but while you’re ranking a play versus the rest of the board it creates memory. You are going to remember lines from prior weeks and in turn game action much stronger.

In turn that singular view mindset of one game at your local sports bar or sportsbook becomes a fixation on all games.

Involve the entire board in your daily betting process and you’ll see the difference in the way you view games. In time one will also enhance their betting percentages.


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