Notjustagame: What Will Suns Tanking Get Them?

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Teams that have tanked in the NBA has been ongoing. For the Phoenix Suns it’s been an issue that’s been hard to watch. Up until they traded Steve Nash to the LA Lakers in the summer of 2012 they were a franchise that could be counted on for fighting for a true playoff spot.

It took a few years post trade before the tanking became really noticeable, but now it’s something that has hurt the franchise immensely in the stands. Any Suns home game besides against the Warriors or Lakers is an after thought attendance wise.

Missing on their top draft picks a lot has caused a never ending game of tanking to continue. The real question for Suns fans is when will it end? They have a key piece in Devin Booker and may have a second in DeAndre Ayton. The acquisition of Kelly Oubre seems to be their first solid decision via trade or free agency.

Will the Suns finally land a draft pick this year and hit the green light button on testing a true season?


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