Monopoly Purchasing, I’ll Buy It

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To gain an edge in sports betting I firmly believe a one on one exchange has to occur.

I can recall my first true dollar bet being with my older brother. It was a Thanksgiving Day football game between the Lions and Bears. It was chore money wagered to the tune of ten dollars.

I won. Having that money given to me created a memory that stuck.

To win in sports betting you need to be able to build off of prior wins and losses via an exchange.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m firmly against mobile app wagering or offshore betting. An exchange is not happening with your hard earned money as it is when you step foot into a sportsbook.

I like to compare it to the first exchanged transaction game that everyone plays as a youth in Monopoly.

Every kid has memories of the ultra aggressive family member or friend that would spend recklessly on every property they landed on. Spending erratically typically puts that person in dire jeopardy of losing, while the semi-cautious player gets rewarded.

That exchange of getting Monopoly dollars from people your playing with gives you more confidence to make strategic purchases.

It baffles me to see people try to bet numerous games everyday as if they are purchasing Monopoly.

My discipline in betting has grown over the years thanks to the sportsbooks here in Las Vegas.

Exchanging via the ticket writers is one of many reasons why. Before football season begins cut out your Monopoly strategy and dwindle your betting board.


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