Lebron Needs To Answer to No One

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June is the time of year where criticism arises like no other. It’s been a tradition since I can recall the days of Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, and countless others faltering in the NBA Finals.

Great careers that fell short of the old regurgitated necessity of a players career being defined by a championship.

As the dollars of the NBA have rose so has a circular free agency market. Staying put and building a team as a contender is no longer done like the old days. Instead players can recruit and build to their liking.

That’s the new age era and Lebron James has been the true king of it.

If not for his tough decision to leave Cleveland in the first place the media’s discussion would have a different beat.

Before the beat consisted of Lebron deferring too much in the final seconds. A nature that has proved to be completely misguided.

Also railed to no end was the notion of how improper Lebron’s decision was. Is the same stated when player’s are cut abruptly or traded hours before the deadline? No. He made a tough decision and in the end it ascended his career at a period that looked dead in the water.

Six years later and he is now in his seventh straight NBA Finals. Having grown up in the 90’s as a youth my observation of basketball history lies with the 90’s, 2000’s, and current.

I have to say that LeBron’s quiet defiance and persona of doing it his way is what stands out from him and Michael Jordan. Championships are a dead discussion and comparisons of era to era are unwarranted. Adaptations from the 90’s to now are freakish in terms of conditioning, athleticism, diets, and team personnel.

So lets tone down beating a dead horse. Enjoy the fact that two great teams are playing for a third straight June. Curry or Lebron and Kevin Durant’s chase. No—it’s a stellar setup for what basketball is all about.


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