Importance of Time Slots in Betting

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Time slots of sporting events are routine-based by conferences. The Pac-12 for instance typically has one mid-day game scheduled Saturday and an early evening game. All the rest of the Pac-12 conference games are filled in the typical 7PM Pacific Time slot.

I despise early games particularly because the conferences that open Saturday’s are not my main focus. Conferences such as the Big 12, Big 10, and non-prominent ACC schools are not attractive to me.

Knowing your main conferences to attack is a significant recipe for success ATS. If one is bouncing around conferences on a week-to-week basis you’re going to drown. Instead place your betting dollars on familiarity of teams you know that go hand in hand with scheduled games.

Attention to time slots of your key betting games is also helpful in burdening your bets appropriately. I for one never want to have action on more than two games that have the same start times. One can have a hard enough time tracking entire action versus their bets with one game. Adding multiple games at the same time just makes that even more difficult.

A sports betting Saturday can be ruined in a hurry if three or more games bet around the same start time turn for the worse. 0-3 or higher is like a boxer being KO’d in round one. Give yourself proper chances to recover when that bell hits for a later time slot.

Parlay opportunities also can take a huge hit if one splits a pair of games at the same start time. More often than not a later game wins for a bettor and your left without a hedge opportunity.

Leave the door open for a hedge opportunity that can be done via pre-game, half-time or even in-game wagering to close out a profitable parlay.


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