Hedges Proving Low-Risk Worth

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Drafting a catcher in fantasy baseball is a painful roster spot to deal with. They typically bat at the bottom of the order and aren’t well-rounded statistically.

Therefore, many took the chance at drafting projected elite catchers such as Buster Posey and JT Realmuto. Posey has resurfaced to have top value while Realmuto and others haven’t been the projected stalwarts.

Ones that seem dependable one week can fade out of the picture completely for weeks on end. Twins catcher Jason Castro hasn’t lived up to his under the radar hype at all. He’s hit just four home runs with a batting average floating around .220.

Indians catcher Yan Gomes has turned around a horrid first five weeks to regain respectable numbers.

Perhaps one of the more consistent catchers has been down in Kansas City. Salvador Perez has built off last year’s solid production to the tune of eleven home runs and thirty RBI’s.

Even the hot hitting Astros are churning together a dynamic duo of production with Evan Gattis and old man Brian McCann. Benefitting from a change McCann has hit for six home runs and twenty-five RBI’s. Not to be outdone Evan Gattis in a DH role has hit for 24 RBI’s and four home runs.

Yet the cream of the crop in terms of value off of drafted position is Austin Hedges. While he may not be the glutton one would want with his batting average (.209), he has fulfilled more than adequately in terms of home runs (9) and RBIs (25).

It’s safe to say many would be perfectly fine with Hedges production as their top catcher from his average drafted position.

We are only two months in but it’s safe to say the merry go round circus of drafting quality catchers will continue for fantasy owners next season.


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