Gray A Candidate to Move

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Believe it or not we’re getting closer to the MLB All-Star game. It’s been a rapid first couple of months of MLB. Thus far atypical to the grind of everyday baseball are injuries.

Staffs have been decimated with injuries up and down their rotations.

Finding a prime target to snatch to boost a playoff run is a standard goal.

With young prospects struggling to stay in rotations, it’ll likely leave a couple of veterans as prime attractors.

Out in Oakland, Sonny Gray’s name is a constant amongst trade rumors.

Questions surrounding him have derailed his teams from seeking the high price of Gray.

Over the past two seasons he has had repeated DL stints. Returning from those stints has resulted in sporadic inconsistency from Gray.

Yet he has showcased a couple of adequate performances recently to increase his trade value.

In his prior start against the Marlins he threw ten strikeouts.

While he is not a top rotation pitcher anymore, Gray can sustain as a solid third rotation guy.

Barring his health I’d expect Gray to be on the move this go around here in July.


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