Fantasy Football: Gurley Contract Solidifies Position


Following contract moves is a staple in any sports industry. Linking a prime contract unfortunately does not mean benefits for a franchise. Often times a player’s contract can detract instead of attract forward progress.

This can be a huge issue for fantasy football owners. Whether auction or draft-based decisions on prime candidates are the biggest issue to battle pre-draft. Miss in a standard draft at the top of the board and you’re almost certain of finishing with a subpar record. Shelling out high dollars in an auction league and missing can be even more detrimental.

The situation surrounding Todd Gurley is almost unique in all phases. Most young backs do not get inked for a big contract at Gurley’s age of 23. St. Louis is avoiding the inevitable contract issues and got out in front with a major deal.

They have a blossoming offense that should only grow under Coach McVay’s eyes. Their talent picked up on both sides of the football in the off-season that has put them in serious contention in Las Vegas’s mind.

Gurley’s ability out of the backfield and as a rushing tailback already had him solidified as a go to draftee atop everyone’s board.

The new question is does his contract propel him to top of the line?

After three to four years with running backs falling from a commodity position in fantasy football, it appears that reluctancy label has fell off.

All mock draft early indications are that running backs are back in style. This makes it impossible to feel the draft out and get a tiered system of running backs.

Now you must go in aggressively as in years past or your team could have gapping holes.

Gurley is the cream of the crop now with a full clearance green light for bids/drafts.


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