Easy Money With The Flip Rule in College Football

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Abnormal spreads are essentially non-existent in the world of hockey, baseball, NBA, and the NFL.

College sports is entirely different and has a scatter plot of weekly out of this world point spreads. Money involved in college athletics has helped continuously boost all phases of training athletes and getting high-impact recruits.

Three years of mandatory collegiate athletics before jumping to the NFL creates a dominating factory of excellence for certain schools.

From an ATS stand point one is going to see point spreads in the range of twenty to even forty points on a consistent basis.

Once non-conference play concludes this number will of course dwindle back down to some normalcy in-conference. Still the top five to ten teams in the country and some non-power five undefeated teams are going to remain high double-digit favorites.

For bettors it can be hard to refrain from attraction to these games when rounding out a collegiate betting board.

The enticement of high amount of Saturday games lures bettors in. It’s common and perfectly normal within reasonable amount of games.

A best practice for myself personally is the recognition of when drawn to a double-digit spread in both college basketball and football. It happens and use to be a profit-boost killer.

Almost every time if I liked the underdog the favorite would rout the spread, and if I liked the favorite the game would be played out as if it were a single-digit spread.

I’ve scaled back even reviewing such spreads but when I do I’ll nine times out of ten flip that selection. Reflect back on your college double-digit takes over the years and you would likely be in the same boat.


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