Cardinals Veteran QB Routine an ATS Gem

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Post the Jake Plummer era the Arizona Cardinals revamped their ways to a veteran mentality in key positions. Without a doubt they have been a fixture in the league for veteran running backs and quarterbacks over the last decade.

Backs have included Emmitt Smith, Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Rashard Mendenhall, and even Edgerrin James.

At quarterback it’s been much more simplistic. Aside from a stretch of utilizing Kevin Kolb and John Skelton it’s been three guys in Kurt Warner, Derek Anderson, and Carson Palmer.

All three were high ATS producers. Warner’s best stretch came post 2006 when he put the drafting of Matt Leinart to bed. Anderson’s stretch was much shorter (first five games) as he lasted just a year as starter with the Cardinals.

Aside from last season Carson Palmer’s prior four years with the Cardinals ATS numbers were top five. They were defeating the number so well that by 2016 value was seemingly against them every week.

A commonality to all of these eras was the proper offensive coordinator. Todd Haley led the Cardinals and Kurt Warner. Head Coach and play-caller Bruce Arians drove success with Carson Palmer.

Now a new veteran era begins with the same elements in-line as Warner and Palmer.

Both had injury issues with Palmer missing several stretches as a Bengal and Raider. Warner had a nagging hand injury that ended his tenure with the Rams and nearly cost him his backup spot with the New York Giants.

Can the Cardinals do it again with Sam Bradford? Numerous injuries have also plagued his career and this will be his fourth team overall.

Just as in prior veteran quarterback signings the Cardinals announced a new offensive coordinator in Mike McCoy.

McCoy’s runs with the Broncos and Chargers should fit Bradford’s abilities well.

Cardinals GM Steve Keim may have another hidden ATS pairing with Bradford-McCoy.


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