Can the Bears be the New Eagles?

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A tumultuous relationship for the Bears and newly retired quarterback Jay Cutler was never ending.

The reset button has been placed on a do-over for Bears fans, that have been waiting for such an event to occur since Cutler’s playoff antics.

By drafting quarterback Mitch Trubisky and trading for quarterback Mike Glennon the Bears are showing their fans they mean business.

As bad as quarterback play has been in the NFL the Bears cultivated two critical young pieces. Albeit the drafting of Trubisky in the manner they did was criticized the fact is he is a Bear.

The talented Trubisky will likely get time to develop on a Bears team that is extremely young offensively.

Not only did the Bears let Cutler walk, but they also decided not to overpay and re-sign Alshon Jeffrey. A litany of injuries and inconsistent production was a solid decision to bypass resigning Jeffrey.

Warming up to the thoughts of the Bears surprising folks is not just a dream.

We’ve seen teams time and time again produce with a basic foundation at quarterback with a solid core of defensive and offensive line play.

After witnessing the Eagles do so last season, why not have faith in the Bears?

From a divisional standpoint the Bears are in the NFC North which has always been a hot-potato division. Green Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota could all have down seasons from where they were last year.

It’s a division that holding a 10-6 record typically puts you as a shoe-in to win the division.

Watch for the Bears simplistic offense of rushing the football with Jordan Howard to have a positive affect early on terms of wins. By November and December anything is possible.


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