Arguing Rob Parker’s LeBron Comments

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Debating on debate shows has been as recycled from a content standpoint as old age movies receiving a remake.

We know what to expect unlike the early days of Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless.

Criticism is just the nature of the programming to stir the other host into discussion.

On FS1’s Skip Bayless show, guest Rob Parker lamented on the fact of how Michael Jordan transformed the game into a heightened level. That point is common knowledge, but his stirring the pot comments came towards Lebron.

Parker argues that Lebron has made the game virtually a players right league. If one doesn’t like their current situation they can partner with a power team and develop their successes overnight.

Obviously that can’t be true in the sense that we’ve seen power teams long before Lebron joined the Heat. We’ve seen Shaq leave Orlando to develop a dynasty with Kobe in Los Angeles. There was also the Rockets whom had Hakeem, Clyde, and Barkley.

Heck, even the Magic tried their own super team with Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady.

The fact that a star joins others is going to happen. It’s the same foundation that has been going on at the high school and college levels for several decades. Players want to win and if they’re a top notch athlete they’re going to assure themselves of the right situation.

Who wouldn’t?

Are we in a current state of dominance? Yes. The same was the case of the 1990’s Dallas Cowboys and currently with the New England Patriots.

But the window of opportunity for winning doesn’t last forever. Shaq’s body broke down quickly to the level that he in 2006 he was playing behind a younger Dwayne Wade.

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and several of the Warriors are approaching the age of 30. Lebron is already at the age of 32 and could not have won last year’s title without the young dominant Kyrie Irving.

Talent is always rising with age and injuries lurking.

Did the NBA have an anticipatory NBA Finals in 2017? Yes. But just two years ago not even Lebron thought his Cavaliers team would be ready, and no one expected the Warriors either.

Challengers will always lurk. As great as Gregg Poppovich has been as a Coach, his Spurs have not reigned as a dynasty. During LeBron’s Miami chases they did not go to the Finals without resistance in the East.

Just give it a bit of time and a new window of teams will present themselves in the NBA.


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